Girls Gone Strong


September 2020


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Girls Gone Strong

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Dappled by Daylight

Oftentimes in the Grip and Electric world, it takes a fair amount of effort to achieve a captivating high key look. Especially being greeted by light levels that are unusually low. Be it hard to believe by the final snapshot seen here, that is precisely what happened to us with this beautiful bookshelf backdrop. The house was surrounded by trees and small windows encircled the small room. A low key in a location like this would be easy; provide a single source and create a darker background so the eye has no doubt in its focus.

Girls Gone Strong - Photo 1

After prelight, in total, we used nearly every fixture we owned on this setup. Keying with a 1200 hmi booklight and another in the kitchen, even that wasn’t enough. The ambient levels were next, with over 10 quasar tubes. To top it off, the incredibly useful Sufa bullet was just outside the window to brighten our background and bring interest to the bookshelf. Overall, a spacious feel with a high key breezy look.

Girls Gone Strong - Molly 2

This is the control and consistency we needed for our first setup. The truly interesting part of the day happened while rolling some handheld b-roll in the front yard, as a sudden realization set in; sometimes, natural conditions call for exquisite lighting without having to do a thing. In this particular shot Molly exited the house with the backlight being enough to cut down the power of the sun and create an interesting variance as she walked through the shadows. Our key was addressed by the soft bounce of the white minivan parked in the driveway.

Girls Gone Strong - Molly 3