Live Streaming

A high-end, seamless live event production is no small task. But the Access Media Group team can make your events look polished and seem effortless. With us, complicated multi-camera and live broadcast events are easily produced with our extensive planning, experienced crew, and 4K equipment package. Our flexible cinema-quality options will cover all your event needs, making your event stand out above the rest.

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Live Streaming

Whether it’s a simple stream on your website or a highly interactive multi-platform stream, Access Media Group can get your event live and keep you streaming so you can enjoy the success of your event.


Our team members excel in preparing and projecting your presentation for your event. From creating cohesive and impactful graphics to seamlessly projecting it all for the room, a livestream, or both simultaneously we can help you prepare and produce a highly polished show.

Planning and Producing

From directing to stage management to running the whole show, we can be as involved as you need. Our experience with internationally produced events for organizations like the U.S. Olympic Committee and Ent Credit Union has given us the expertise to produce your event with the polish and precision you need.

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